General resources

Manual on ILO Convention No. 169.pdf
Danida toolkit, including IPs in sector programming.pdf
UNDG Guidelines, indigenous peoples.pdf
UNPFII resource kit IPs 2008.pdf
Indigenous & Tribal Peoples' rights in practice.pdf
Indigenous & Tribal Peoples' rights in practice COVER.pdf
Application of convention no. 169 - Casebook.pdf
Application of convention no. 169 - Casebook Cover.pdf


Users guide

Introtext - Users guide.doc
Generic Time Table.doc

Generic Training Module.doc
Catalogue on training methodologies.doc



Introtext - Identification.doc
UNPFII fact sheet on IP Identification.pdf

ACHPR Report on indigenous populations-communities.pdf


Convention No. 169

Introtext - ILO Convention No. 169.doc
Information Note on ILO standards and UNDRIP.doc

Leaflet on supervision of ILO standards.pdf
Leaflet on ILO Convention No 169.pdf
Manual on ILO Convention No 169.pdf
ILO Convention No 169 on indigenous and tribal peoples.doc
Report form 169.pdf


Implementing Convention No. 169

Introtext - Convention No. 169 in practice.doc


History of indigenous peoples within the ILO

Introtext - History of indigenous peoples within the ILO.doc
C107 Indigenous and Tribal Populations Convention.doc


UN processes

Introtext - UN Processes and Instruments.doc
CERD General Comment No 23 on Indigenous Peoples.doc

FPP, IPs and UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies.pdf
Galdu, UNDRIP, work and process beyon adoption.pdf
HRC Resolution, Expert Mechanism on IPs.pdf
Mandate of Special Rapporteur on IPs.pdf
Text of UNDRIP.pdf
UNGA Resolution on the 2nd IP Decade.pdf
UNGA Resolution on the Human Rights Council.pdf



Introtext - Discrimination and Gender.doc
Guide to ILO Convention No 111 on discrimination.pdf

Indigenous Women, Good Practices and Lessons Learned.pdf
IWGIA, Indigenous Women.pdf
Leaflet on Discrimination in Employment & Occupation.pdf
Text of ILO Convention 111 on Discrimination
(Employment and Occupation).doc

Final Shifting Cultivation Information Sheet.pdf
Practicing shifting cultivation in Nepal.pdf


Child labour

Introtext - Child Labour.doc
Guidelines for combating Child Labour among
indigenous and tribal peoples.pdf

ILO Convention 138 on Minimum Age.doc
ILO Convention 182 on Worst Forms of Child Labour.doc
Leaflet, Child Labour & IPs.pdf
Study on Child Labour- Kenya.doc


Forced labour

Introtext - Forced labour.doc
Leaflet on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking.pdf

Text of ILO Convention No 29 on Forced Labour.doc
Text on ILO Convention No 105 on the Abolition of Forced Labour.doc


Development issues

Introtext - Development issues.doc
Including Indigenous Peoples in Poverty Reduction.pdf

Indigenous Peoples and MDGs - Community Perspectives.pdf
Ethnic audit of selected poverty reduction strategies.pdf
IPs and Local Economic Development.pdf