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Tool Box Structure

The Tool Box is divided into nine sections each addressing a specific issue. These are:

1 – Identification of indigenous peoples
2 – ILO Convention No. 169 and supervisory mechanisms
3 – Implementation of ILO Convention No. 169
4 – ILO Convention No. 107
5 – Other UN Processes and Instruments
6 – Discrimination and Gender
7 – Child Labour and Education
8 – Forced Labour
9 – Development issues

Each section contains a number of elements which the trainer can use in accordance with the needs of the target group as well as the time and means available. The elements are:

Introduction to main issues
Information on the key issues is provided in short text-documents. These can be printed out and distributed to the trainees or used as inspirations for lectures held by the trainer.

Power Point Presentations
For every section, the Tool Box provides one or more power point presentations explaining the main issues. Some of the presentations are supported by voice-overs, where experts deliver lectures within their specific field. These can be previewed directly or they can be downloaded. The power point presentations can either be shown with the voice of the expert, or they can serve as support for the trainer, when planning his or her own address to trainees. If you want to activate the soundtrack choose the PPT document in the right column of the webpage, where SOUND is added. After opening the page click on the note-symbol on the lower left side of the first slide.

Interviews with key players
Each section contains one or more video-interviews, where experts, activists, government representatives and other key players pass on their knowledge and experience on the issues dealt with. The interviews can be used as introductions to the themes or as inspiration when starting discussions among trainees.

Printable material
For every section, a collection of printable background material is provided. This includes short introductory texts to the main subjects, the full texts of relevant conventions and declarations, reports, books, in-depth articles and the like. The written background material can be printed or downloaded and copied to participants in the training. In some cases, printed copies of the materials can be provided by the Pro 169 team (see “order Tool Box”)

Longer documentary films
To the extent possible, every section provides a short presentation or “appetizer” of  a number of longer documentaries, that can be used in connection with the specific theme. These include professional documentaries, films previously broadcasted on television as well as videos shot by activists from indigenous organisations. The films are presented by a short trailer and a text on the contents and relevance of the film to indigenous issues. DVD’s with the entire films can be ordered from the Pro169 team in Geneva.
Please note, that the ILO Pro 169 team does not hold the copyright for these films. We have been permitted to use them as part of the training, which means they can be shown freely at courses, but we have not been allowed to make further copies for other use, in particular not for broadcast on any television station around the world or for commercial purposes.

Links and references
The Tool Box contains a list of relevant links and references for each section. Among these are links to UN agencies, to indigenous organisations, to NGOs, development agencies and other sites, where useful resources and tools are available.





A guide to ILO Convention
No. 169

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